Would you like to become a member?


Become a Member!


  1. Complete the application form and fax, mail, or bring this form to the HeartFit For Life office.
  2. Print out and take the physician referral form to your physician for his/her signature. This is optional but it speeds up the process.
  3. Contact the office to set up a meeting time.
    E-mail:  Cynthia@nullcardiactherapy.org
    Phone:  (650) 494-1300

Initial Evaluation

  1. Every new member must have an initial evaluation with a Program Director to individualize the exercise program for your needs and status.

Physician’s Referral

  1. All members must have a doctors referral.
  2. Our program directors will contact your doctor for information needed to customize our services to you.


  1. All members medical and personal information is kept strictly private. Read our notice of privacy practices.


  1. Initial evaluation – $200
  2. Monthly membership fee – $150
  3. Education classes – no additional charge
  4. Exercise classes – no additional charge
  5. Spouses who are not cardiac patients, may participate in the program for a monthly fee of $50.

Insurance and Tax Deductions

  1. Program fees may be a medical deduction for federal and California income taxes. Check with your tax advisor for information on this.
  2. If you or your spouse have a Flexible Medical Spending Plan (IRS Section 125) at work, HeartFit For Life cost may be reimbursed under the plan. Check with the Plan administrator.
  3. Medicare and other insurances do not cover HeartFit For Life fees.
  4. If you are going to be absent from the program for personal reasons for more than 32 days, you can remain a participant with no reinstatement cost for a 50% reduced monthly fee of $75.

Financial Assistance

  1. Our goal is to enable all persons to participate in the HeartFit For Life regardless of their financial situation who have been referred by their physician.
  2. Financial aid is available to qualified participants. Please fill out the financial aid form.
  3. Please contact one of our Program Directors if you are in need of financial assistance to participate in our program.

We are looking forward to having you join us!